Our desire is to reinvent the masculine decor and gift market

We are pioneers and passionate about what we do! We are specialized in the criation of forniture inspired by classic vehicles that were successful worlwide. We believe that with dedication we can create whatever we want and decoration can be fun, creative and passionate!

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Production Studio

Made in Brazil, São Paulo

The work is handcrafted, piece by piece, as our products enter the production line, our customers are informed and receive photos of the parts being produced by our factory employees.

Our Team has approximately 10 employees, divided between the departments of:

Fiberglass production and sanding

Chamber of painting and art

Finishing and accessories

“Car racing and speed run through my veins”

José Fusco, Founder.

Our story started as a hobbie. I was raised in a truck ride and grew up in love with cars and everything about wheels and speed. Today our team is also made up of wheels and speed lovers, which makes the difference in our work!

Production Time

30 working days

Upon leaving our production studio and before packing, the products receive a quality certification seals, this certifies that the product has no fiber defects (such as scratches and dents) and no paint defects. Only then are they forwarded to the Packaging Department.

We deliver worldwide!

Shipping time South America 3 days North America 7 days* Europe 15 days

Packing and Shipping

We plan everything carefully so that our products arrives in perfect condition in the destination country.

The products are transported similarly to the vehicles of large producers. Our partnership is the Mart Madeira, Company from Brazil, which specializes in packaging for the transportation of large loads.

First, our products are packaged in a VACUUM PROTECTION KIT, which protects products from weather and possible humidity. Then they are covered by EVA PROTECTION, which protects the parts from knocking inside the boxes due to movement of the transport vehicle. Finally, the products are packaged in chemically treated WOODEN BOXES.

Packaging costs

The packing cost is already included in the product price.

Shipping costs

The shipping cost depending your order and zip code. Send a menssage to our whatsapp for freight quote +55 11 9716130-70


+55 11 9 7161-3070